Pukka Organic Aloe Vera Juice review

Having tried, tested & loved their range of different teas, we were quite excited to try this. Great packaging, which allows you to see the cloudy formula inside. All very exciting…

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Taste & Consistency – 3.5 / 5

Consistency: There is some definite inner leaf gel in this one – not as ‘gloopy’ as some of the juices we have tried but they have definitely made an effort to keep a decent amount of the inner leaf in there.

Taste: It grows on you. We think that is partly to do with the fact that it tastes quite diluted but has that been their downfall? We liked the consistency & colour of this one – if only you had gone for a bit more of that Aloe taste Pukka! (Did we really just say that?)

Health benefits – 3 / 5

Pukka don’t claim any additional benefits on their website for this product so here are their…

Ingredients: Aloe vera inner leaf gel 99.9%, citric acid from tapioca 0.1% . Free from dairy, wheat, gluten, soya & sugar. No potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate or other synthetic preservatives. More info here.

Value for money – 2.5 / 5

At £19.96 for 1 litre on their website, we feel that if you are going to pay that kind of money, you’d be better off forking out an additional 84p for the Forever Aloe Vera Gel. If the price was cheaper, we think this would a great contender on the market – maybe look out for when it is on offer?!

NOTE: We have recently heard that Pukka are experiencing some manufacturing difficulties – they have updates on their website.

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Overall – 3.5 / 5

If you’re looking for an Aloe Vera Juice Drink that is available on the high street, this is an option as it tastes drinkable, but the consistency doesn’t make us believe that it is as pure as it states.

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Posted by Ben from Aloe Juices