Aloe Pura Cranberry Flavour Aloe Vera Juice review

Here we have yet another example of a company trying to disguise the taste of that old favourite – the aloe vera plant! But is it a real competitor in this busy Aloe market?

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Taste & Consistency – 3 / 5

Taste: It’s ok. It is more like a watered down cordial than a juice or maybe what marketing companies would call a ‘juice drink’ – so there’s more liquid than aloe in there and very little sign on the leaf itself (if you look closely, the liquid is not completely see-through & it has definitely seen an aloe vera plant in its life.

The flavour of this is its redeeming quality when you compare it to its sister version (the same but no cranberry flavour – we didn’t deem it necessary to write a review of that one as well when this is the better of the family from Aloe Pura).

Health benefits – 2 / 5

Aloe Pura Juices come in a range of flavours and (as with all the Aloe Vera drinks) may help maintain a healthy digestive system. Optima health and nutrition, who make the Aloe Pura Juices, say that they are “rich in polysaccharides” and contain “no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.”

When we trialled this juice, we unfortunately did not feel the same kind of health benefits that we did with some of the other juices, although your experiences may differ.

Value for money – 1.5 / 5

For comparison to other competitive products one litre would cost you £13.98 at Holland and Barrett (a 500ml bottle is £6.99). This means that it is only 58p cheaper than the distributor price than the comparative Forever Aloe Berry Nectar – no where near as fresh – not a great deal then!

The manufacturer says…

“A unique blend of whole leaf and unfiltered inner gel, from cultivated aloe vera plants grown in Texas, combined with cranberry juice, for a delicious tasting natural juice. Using the minimum of processing to allow the plants natural components to remain unaltered, we select only fresh aloe vera plants to produce our juice, providing the greatest level of natural activity available, as nature intended.”

…hhmmm…the jury’s out on that one!

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Overall – 2.5 / 5

If you’re looking for an Aloe Vera Juice Drink that is available on the high street, this is an option as it tastes drinkable, but the consistency doesn’t make us believe that it is as pure as it states.

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Posted by Ben from Aloe Juices