Celebrity fans of Aloe Vera (updated)

Never being ones to miss out on the latest health craze, it seems that many celebrities are also fans of Aloe Vera, but unlike some health fads, Aloe Vera has been high on their list of health supplements for many years…

Victoria Beckham – Bee Pollen (2014)

While Bee Pollen isn’t strictly an Aloe Vera based product, it is manufactured by Aloe vera giant Forever Living, who pride themselves in using organic & natural products. Bee Pollen is taking the health supplement world by storm, as a great source of energy & taken consistently throughout the winter months, has also helped with the symptoms of some hayfever sufferers.

Nicki Minaj (2014)

To keep herself looking fresh-faced, Nicki Minaj makes sure she doesn’t forget to take her Aloe Vera drinks:
“…I’ve been drinking Aloe Vera water – it doesn’t taste nice, but it works!”
Well, it seems to be working for you Nicki!

The Oscars – Aloe Vera for the stars (2012)

Following the oscars, it emerged that Aloe took pride of place in many celebrity health and beauty regimes.

Alicia Keys – ‘I love Aloe Vera in my drinks’ (2010)

Grammy award winning singer, Alicia Keys, uses Aloe Vera as part of her healthy lifestyle as she loves “food that makes me feel good afterwards”.

Sinitta – Aloe Vera Gel for breakfast (2010)

Singer Sunitta (who is also known well known for her friendship with Simon Cowell), adds Aloe Vera Gel to her smoothies for breakfast.

Karina Smirnoff – Aloe Vera Cures Everything (2009)

Professional ballroom dancer and star of US TV series, Dancing with the Stars, Karina Smirnoff talks about how natural remedies (obviously including Aloe Vera) are the best in her opinion – so much so, that she plans to write a book about it.

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