Aloe Vera around the world

Where in the world are people talking about Aloe Vera?

Good news travels fast & it then just keeps traveling. It seems that despite being known for it’s health properties for thousands of years, Aloe Vera really is continuing to take the world by storm.  We’ve rounded up a selection of articles from across the globe that are just crazy for this cactus right now…


Having found Aloe Vera leaves in her local supermarket, Christine Arreola blogs on 10 surprising facts about Aloe vera.  An interesting read about a variety of uses she has found for Aloe Vera, ranging from health, beauty & healing, as well as some facts you may might not already know…


The independent news website, In Serbia, discusses Aloe Vera juice & suggests it is good for the skin, immune system and detoxification.

New York

As an innovation insights director, who has over two decades experience in working with consumer packaged goods analysis and reporting, Tom Vierhile is predicts, ‘perhaps the yogurt category will be the next food category to embrace the natural goodness of aloe vera’.  It wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest is Aloe Vera became more prominent in the food industry in years to come.

Nicaragua – Central America

Dr. Hoover N.D. has been living in Granada Nicaragua for the past five years and enjoys teaching others his ideas on how to stay healthy the natural way. Aloe Vera loves warm climates & he even has 5 Aloe Vera plants growing in his own backyard.


Coconut water used to be the biggest thing in health but Aloe Vera has become a strong contender which looks set to stay in the health drinks field, although it was initially thought to be an unlikely competitor: ‘Aloe vera juice…it’s got health experts touting it the next big thing in clean eating.’

So there you have it… from North & Central America, Serbia & right around the world to Australia, it seems that everyone is talking about Aloe Vera…it may have been around for thousands of years, but it doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon…watch this space for the Aloe Vera takeover…

Posted by Ben from Aloe Juices