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Aloe Vera in the News!

This section features Aloe Vera in the media, where Aloe Vera products have been recommended by local or nationalpapers & magazines.


1) First up, we have UK’s Cosmopolitan (2014) which recommends Forever Living’s 9 day healthy detox programme: Clean 9.

2) Although not a juice, the Swedish evening paper Expressen (2014) gives the Aloe Vera based Body Toning Kit pride of place in its health & beauty recommendations.


3) Hispanic paper Saludify (2013), discusses the health benefits of the Aloe Vera plant in its article, ‘Aloe Vera Juice: The latest health-drink craze’

4) The Mail Online (2013) also got it right when they tipped Aloe Vera to be the hottest health drink on the market.…

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Celebrity fans of Aloe Vera (updated)

Never being ones to miss out on the latest health craze, it seems that many celebrities are also fans of Aloe Vera, but unlike some health fads, Aloe Vera has been high on their list of health supplements for many years…

Victoria Beckham – Bee Pollen (2014)

While Bee Pollen isn’t strictly an Aloe Vera based product, it is manufactured by Aloe vera giant Forever Living, who pride themselves in using organic & natural products. Bee Pollen is taking the health supplement world by storm, as a great source of energy & taken consistently throughout the winter months, has also helped with the symptoms of some hayfever sufferers.…

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Professional athletes & Aloe Vera

It’s all very well celebrities endorsing products but to they are also extremely well-known for jumping from one health fad to the next crazy diet faster than you can…well, you get the idea.

Aloe Vera holds its own in the health & wellness industry with many professional athletes taking and endorsing Aloe Vera based products.

Matt Lawson – Nutritionist for Notts County FC

Matt Lawson endorses Forever Living’s products and recommends Forever Freedom and Argi+ to some of the athletes he works with.

David Haye – Aloe Vera toothpaste

Professional boxer and former heavyweight champion, David Haye is all about doing what he feels is best for his entire body, including: “He won’t brush his teeth with any toothpaste, he’ll use Aloe Vera.” – now that’s commitment!…

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Aloe Vera around the world

Where in the world are people talking about Aloe Vera?

Good news travels fast & it then just keeps traveling. It seems that despite being known for it’s health properties for thousands of years, Aloe Vera really is continuing to take the world by storm.  We’ve rounded up a selection of articles from across the globe that are just crazy for this cactus right now…


Having found Aloe Vera leaves in her local supermarket, Christine Arreola blogs on 10 surprising facts about Aloe vera.  An interesting read about a variety of uses she has found for Aloe Vera, ranging from health, beauty & healing, as well as some facts you may might not already know…


The independent news website, In Serbia, discusses Aloe Vera juice & suggests it is good for the skin, immune system and detoxification.…

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